PA4NL @ Zwolle the Netherlands

Welkom to my home page. Here you will find some information of my station, projects and the rest of my hobbies. I'm licensed from 1991 and very active in the years after, mainly 2m, 70cm and ATV on 23cm and 13cm. One of the first with a special license for 6m. In that time only running 500mW with a 3 element HB9CV all over Europe. Due to other interests i have been off-line for 18 years, but i'm back!!

Now focusing more on HF, Satellite, EME communication, DMR, SDR and other new technologies.

I'm not alone Zwolle, see a snap shot of Zwolle the area where i life. All the green circles are Ham-Radio Amateurs! Why do we need radio, because we can!

My former call is PE1OSW, but i changed it to PA4NL. Why? NL = NetherLands the country where i live, also the web URL is .NL and the PA4.NL site available  is changed my call:)

Ballon Fox hunt :