23cm Transverter

For local repeater operation, satellite and future EME if have bought this transverter from SG-Labs.

1296 MHz Transverter v.2.2 


Transverter for 23cm amateur radio band. 

The new design v 2.2 of our transverter features better performance and some new functions. Our new transverter's design (v 2.2) offers better performance and some new functions. 


Due to its small dimensions and light weight this transverter is suitable for portable or stationary operation. 



  • Emmision Modes: SSB, AM, CW , FM 
  • 2W output power 
  • Low noise figure GaAs HEMT input stage 
  • High performance UP / DOWN converters 
  • High stability TCXO 
  • Internal Tx/Rx switch 
  • Split-frequency operation option (selectable, require additional soldering) 
  • Internal Directional Coupler 
  • PTT can be switched by connecting PTT to ground, by RF power (selectable) or by DC voltage 
  • RX/TX switching:


  • push PTT input to ground 
  • RF VOX 
  • apply DC voltage to coax cable 
  • Output SWR indicator - bi-color LED 
  • Optimal input power indicator - bi-color LED 
  • Integrated Sequencer 
  • Repeater operation option : -28 / -6 MHz LO shift TX (selectable) 
  • Working via repeater: default -28 MHz LO offset (selectable)