Antenna Analyser with Noise source and Airspy

A low cost antenna analyser form 10khz - 1900mhz with an AirSpy, Noise Source and a SWR bridge.

Airspy = Euro 100,00

Noise Source = Euro 12,00 (E-Bay)

SWR Bridge = Euro 15,00 (E-Bay)

Dummy load = Euro 7,50

SMA cables 3x = Euro 4,50

Total = Euro 139,00

The setup

SWR Bridge

Noise Source

Antennuators 10dB, 20 dB

The results

See the results of my 3 Band base antenna 

50Mhz, 145Mhz, 435Mhz. The dips are the resonation points = 45Mhz, 50Mhz, 145Mhz, 430Mhz.

Test with a mobile antenna 145Mhz, 435Mhz. Result = 145Mhz and 430Mhz.